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"Quality is not an act, it is a habit"


The Way We Search Defines The Way We Live

Traveling Salesman Problem - A Lifechanging Game

Despite its simplicity this graph describes pretty much the aspects of our lives.
It represents the challenges we are dealing with every moment, weighted factors which affect the decisions we have to make.

My Research Areas of Interest

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study that includes computational procedures to perform actions that human beings do and require a certain amount of intelligence. Communication and learning represent the ways that humans show their intelligence. Both ways require certain mental skills like synthesis, analysis, decision making, judgment, organizing, reasoning, hypothesis, interpretation etc. Artificial intelligence (AI) involves knowledge representation, search, perception and inference. To generate results, artificial intelligence (AI) must define and read the data in forms that will allow representation and processing. The way to succeed that is search and inference. Referring to search there must sophisticated search algorithms to find the optimal solutions. Then inferences are drawn for each situation. The way through artificial intelligence (AI) leads to decision making start from data selection process, continues pre-processing data, then data transformation, data mining plays a key role to entire process, finally results evaluation will lead to decision making.
Machine Learning
Data Mining
Digital Strategy
E-Business Development
Internet of Behaviors (IoB)
User Behavior
User Experience
Search Engine Optimization
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