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2018 - SEVE - SEV Export Summit VI

Export Summit VI 2018
Makedonia Palace
Thessaloniki, Greece

2018 SEVE - SEV Export Summit VI

Export Summit VI, Makedonia Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece

e-Marketing. Marketing in Digital Era
Artificial intelligence improves business processes with a dominant role in the field of sales. AI aims to improve business procedures, while solving many problems at multi business and marketing strategy level. Artificial intelligence produces greater value for businesses, health system, transport and to a lesser extent banks, technology businesses, chemicals, etc. Regarding the new digital era, it is considered imperative that the huge data that are daily generated can analyzed to reveal patterns for improving people's lives. AI ethics is crusial to this effort and reesearchers and companies must act according to the international and national law protecting privacy and sensitive users information.
Dr. Dimitris C. Gkikas: Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Business & Economics, University of Patras.

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Ε-marketing: Marketing in the Digital Era

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